A Dramatic Transformation

Sketch of The Ray Promenade

The Ray Promenade

Vicki Bunker, LA'69, has fond memories of living in Crawford Hall as a Drake student. Bunker has always enjoyed being outdoors, so she distinctly recalls the warm spring and fall days when students would pour out of the residence halls and spend time near the reflecting pond.

"It was a peaceful, relaxing space that made it enjoyable to socialize and study," says Bunker. "Nature is so calming. I love being outside to this day."

She hopes students will find that same sense of peace on the new Robert D. and Billie Ray Promenade. Bunker supported the project through a philanthropic investment.

The Ray Promenade reimagines the form and function of 27th Street. Construction of the promenade will create a new destination that will be the heart of Drake's outdoor campus experience.

The Ray Promenade will serve as a catalyst for connection, inviting students and the larger Drake community to gather in flexible spaces. Stretching from Forest Avenue to the Painted Street, the promenade will serve as an outdoor classroom, performance venue, meeting location, and picnic destination while adding beauty and greenspace to campus.

The Ray Promenade is scheduled to be completed by fall 2018.

If you would like to make a gift to enhance Drake's outdoor environment, please contact John Amato at 515-271-2849 or john.amato@drake.edu.